Creating meaningful connections

An integrated & authentic approach to communication, marketing & philanthropy 

About Us

Experience + good listening skills

You know your business best. Plus, your needs are unique and should be approached in the same way. 

First and foremost, I'm a great listener. The support I offer comes from the perspective and experience I've gained from performance-driven roles across various sectors. I've created results in corporate, non-profit, oil and gas, agriculture, retail and agency environments. Let's work in tandem to create solutions that best fit.

Passion, purpose & sometimes pups

I love what I do. I have a genuine passion for purposeful work and a proven track record of performance. And when I'm home, I'm devoted to my two dogs... a staunch, opinionated, cuddly little couch potato named Bear and an adventurous, resilient rescue dog aptly named Sunny (both for her disposition and for the beach where we met her). Note: If I'm working at my home office, please forgive me if you hear the occasional, unsolicited bark in the background :)

I've been in your shoes... maybe

You may not have the funds (or, quite frankly, the need) for a marketing or communications person on your team. You may be looking to elevate a project or smooth out a tough transition.  And sometimes, you may just need a special challenge to go away.  

I can help with that.  I understand the challenges you face are unique to your role, your team and your business. And I'm happy to listen.

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